Boat photo

Collect photos,
get prints delivered to your door

Tasveer lets you collect photos and once 25 pictures are reached we ship prints to your address(es)

or manage your album

What exactly is Tasveer?

Tasveer literally means a picture or a photo in Hindi. There was a time of film cameras when we had to wait impatiently for the 35th photo to be clicked so that we could finally see all the prints. In this age of digital cameras, that suspense, that magic is kinda lost...or has it?

We at Tasveer want to try to bring that time back. We want to create the surprise of an album at someone's door. We want you, your friends and family to share these moments and let them stay on a refrigerator, or on the bedside, and not just in some hard drive, lost and ignored. So let's make it happen!

How does it work?

You or your friends/family simply e-mail photos to your custom album email address. Tasveer collects these photos and once 25 pictures are collected we print the photos and send them to your recipients.
This could be you, your friends, family, anyone.

How much does it cost?

Lucky you, we have not built the payment functionality yet. So it is currently free.
How ever we would love to hear what you think about Tasveer and what you are missing:

In the future one package of prints probably will cost 7-8 EUR.